Brochure for exhibition "Futuribles. Arts et politiques du futur"
In 2018 the exhibition "Futuribles" was prepared in Strasbourg, France. My role was as one of the organisations as well as a graphic designer who should prepare a booklet. This work is a representation of the heart of the exhibition as well as a guide for every visitor who want to know more about what he sees.
Text was made with font geometric sans-serif Futura. To represent the elegance of the theme. Two mains colors are white and black, but for the accent there is violet. Those colors were taken from exhibition style to make this brochure a real representation of this event.
The brochure consist of many pages which provides a full information and explanation about exhibition. Because of this this booklet is separated on different parts and has a summary to permit to spectator to better orientate between textes and information needed.
One part of the booklet is taken by definitions to help visitors to better understand the main theme of the exhibition. To be able to find the word needed they are all separate by background color which gives us a good contrast.
Art pieces
The main part of the booklet is the explanation of works that visitor can find on the exhibition. Each work has a picture in the brochure and has one or two pages of explanations. For the best research each name of art work is possible to find in summary.
For the cover of this brochure it was used a collage provided by one of the organizer of exhibition. It was chosen during the preparation of the exhibition, several collages were made for the theme "Art and future politics". When the collage was chosen, it was reworked on the computer to provide the best cover for this work.